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Eviction Law

Are Bad Tenants Giving You Gray Hair?

Sit Down with An Eviction Lawyer in Napa, CA

Evictions can get ugly. Before you try to evict someone in the Napa, CA area, hire a skilled eviction lawyer from The Law Offices of Charles Gravett. A non-paying tenant, or unlawful detainer, has certain legal rights that you must be aware of. To evict a tenant legally, you've got to follow a strict set of rules. Avoid a headache by turning to a lawyer who focuses on eviction laws.

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Is Your Tenant Causing Problems?

Make Eviction Laws Work in Your Favor

Don't try to evict an unlawful detainer on your own. Choose an eviction lawyer with:

  • Years of experience - After 20 years of handling evictions, we've seen just about everything.

  • Straightforward pricing - In most cases, The Law Offices of Charles Gravett offers a flat price for handling evictions.

  • A local background - You need a lawyer who knows Napa, California's eviction laws inside and out.

Want help avoiding eviction complications? Ask an eviction lawyer to draft an airtight lease for your future tenants.