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Tax Law Attorney in Napa, California

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When you’re experiencing a legal issue with your taxes – or are concerned that you may get audited – it can sometimes feel as if there’s no end in sight. Whether you are looking to appeal an IRS penalty or are eager to get tax audit help before the next filing deadline, I can work with you to develop a manageable game plan that will resolve the situation once and for all. Depending on your unique needs, our process may include helping you to file your tax returns, working with the IRS to come up with a reduced offer or installment plan, or appealing to the tax court on your behalf to set the record straight. Let me handle the tax authorities so that you don’t have to, reducing stress while swiftly resolving the matter at hand.

How We Can Help With IRS Issues:

  • Fully understand the extent of your legal rights and options if you owe the IRS, or suspect that you may owe for previous years.

  • Learn what actions you can take now to reduce the risk of an audit, or get ahead of an impending audit.

  • Get tax audit help with translating important legal documents, so that you can gain a better understanding about what information is being sent to the IRS and why.

  • Retain a tax attorney to speak to the IRS on your behalf, ensuring the best possible outcome for your case.

  • Get information about the process for appealing an IRS penalty.

Get Help With Your Tax Issues

Why Choose Chuck Gravett As Your Lawyer for IRS Debt:

  • Top Tax Law Attorney In The Area. There’s no substitute for decades of expertise. As the most experienced tax attorney in the Napa Valley with more than 30 years of experience, I have seen it all and can advise on the best path forward for your unique situation.

  • Conveniently Located In the Napa Valley. Big city firms can take hours to get to and always end up costing an arm and a leg. Get the same tax counsel locally with a more personalized and efficient experience.

Approachable and Calming. There are no pretenses in this law office – my clients and friends are one in the same. I’m easy to talk to and work diligently to make the process of navigating through tax issues less intimidating.